All-in-one Privacy Phones for Everyone

Get yours outfitted with the latest privacy & security-focused mobile operating system protecting you from surveillance and tracking.

We re-purpose phones with the CalyxOS Operating System that adds additional privacy and security functionality to the Android Open Source Platform.

Select the one that best matches your requirements in our Pixel re-furbished phones inventory; we will pre-configure it with settings, privacy tools, and services to kickstart your experience.

Our de-googled phones are as easy to use as your traditional phones and have the same applications (or apps); enjoy technology and privacy at the same time ! Learn moreā€¦

Privacy Phone

Main differences

Traditional Phone Traditional Phone PhoneKite PhoneKite
Telemetry always on
Your phone always sends data to Google or Apple.
No third-party data collection
You know and control what the phone sends to others.
No anonymity
Your personal information is tied to every application you install.
Anonymous applications
You can use an app store to install applications without logging in.
Uninstallable software (Bloatware)
You are prevented from removing pre-installed applications (Google apps, Siri...).
Only the applications you want
Choose only the apps you need and control what they do for you.
Application Level Spying
Proprietary applications are installed with device permissions that you cannot fully control.
Alternative Free & Open Source Apps
Use free and open-source applications that have verifiable privacy.
One-off applications stay around
You have to remember applications you just wanted to try and delete them yourself so that your phone's resources aren't bogged down.
Unused apps are automatically neutered
After a few months of not being used, an app's permissions, disk usage, and notifications are removed.

Protection Against Tracking

The phone in your pocket has become the remote control of your digital life. However, various parts of the phone are sources of personal data recording:
  • the Operating System (OS), the central software required for the operation of all systems on the device (hardware, apps,...);
  • Proprietary Applications with trackers and unneeded permissions;
  • Communications with unencrypted phone calls and messages via the cellular network;
  • Browsing the Internet and interacting with websites in an unsecured manner.
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