Why choose PhoneKite

More than two-thirds of the world’s population now uses a cell phone, and the number of unique users reached more than 5,3 billion. Mobile phones have become commonplace and essential communications tools, now used not only for phone calls but also for accessing the Internet, sending text messages, and documenting the world.

Unfortunately, those phones were not designed for privacy and security by default. They poorly protect your data and expose you to new surveillance risks.

When you purchase a smartphone from Google or Apple, these companies generate more revenues from how you use the phone than from selling you the device.

First, they work hard to funnel all your activities and personal details into their proprietary applications, such as payment systems, cloud storage, internet browser, phone calls, messages, contacts, calendar, etc.; Finally, they collect additional information about you using trackers in third-parties applications.

Your most intimate personal details are then bought and sold by advertisers, health insurance companies, credit agencies, and even the government. In addition, they facilitate the continuous monitoring of your behavior through push notifications and reminders while ultimately influencing your decisions and your life.

Moreover, smartphones, flagship products of the over-consumption society, are subject to rapid renewal because of programmed obsolescence. Their manufacturers regularly offer updates incompatible with older models (software obsolescence), thus reducing smartphones’ useful life as hardware updates become impossible (technical obsolescence).

We created PhoneKite because we believe in digital sovereignty and that the device in your pocket should always work for your best interests. By encouraging you to purchase refurbished phones or use your compatible ones, we are committed to our environmental footprint and promote the reuse of phones made from rare metals.

Regain control

Until now, phone users have little or no control over how their data are used. Having control over your data means being able to access it in its entirety whenever you want and to decide when and how companies may use it. You don’t have to wait for a problem to arise to take control of your personal information.

Even the largest, most “ethical,” and most popular brands share data with other companies. Hundreds of data warehouses and tracking companies exchange personal data, and all of these companies can also fall prey to data breaches.

Many companies ask for your date of birth as part of their verification process. Other information that may be requested includes address, email address, previous addresses, mother’s maiden name, place of birth, pin code, bank account information, social security number, and passwords.

Not all applications that request permission to use your location settings, microphone, or camera need these services to work the way you want. Even if you don’t use the application, the permissions you gave it are still in effect.

Suppose you are uncomfortable with the data companies are storing about you. In that case, our solutions are here to prevent companies from abusing your data without your permission and give you more visibility into and ownership over your data.